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As cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and other related diseases continue to disproportionately affect Black and underserved communities, your support of the Association of Black Cardiologists (ABC) makes an incredible difference!

Our founders, our members and the patients we serve can take great pride in knowing that as we approach our 50th anniversary, we are as dedicated, committed, and determined as when founded in 1974 -- and stronger now than ever before.

The ABC’s programs for increasing awareness, better targeting of prevention strategies and greater access to high-quality health care are also more important now than ever before.

Our focus on patient and provider education, research, community programs, access, and workforce diversity are firmly rooted in our guiding principles and our roadmap for eliminating disparities: (1) Increasing awareness of and monitoring of health disparities; (2) Increasing access and appropriate utilization of cardiac procedures and therapies; (3) Conducting and supporting research on access and utilization of low- and high-tech diagnostic and therapeutic procedures; (4) Enhancing patient and community education; (5) Developing better strategies for increasing adoption and adherence to evidence-based treatments; (6) Advocating for policy level changes that reduce health inequities and promote health equity; and (7) Expanding research that advance understanding of the contributors to health disparities and solutions for eliminating them.

Our IMPACT cannot happen without you!

Together, we are changing lives for the better! For this, we extend our heartiest THANK YOU!


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